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Welcome to our second guest blog of the year! As we move into the second quarter of 2018, motivation may start to wane (I know mine has!) so Ivette Herzog and Kerrie Allen, creators of the amazing Hey, Control Freak planner have a little something to share about keeping life under control. 

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Welcome to 2018, where every day is so full of crap to do you may as well dig yourself a tunnel out of town because it just ain’t gonna happen. Sigh. You hear me, right?

I remember the days when I would actually get to the bottom of a to do list, and no matter how much I strive for that again it just doesn’t happen.

One of the biggest mistakes I think we make is not allowing time to just stop. Each day blurs into the next, then the week is gone, the month and then HELLO it’s 2057. It’s such a dangerous way to roll through life, with no real awareness of what we do, and more importantly, what we need to do differently.

It’s all well and good to say we “simply” need to change the way we live, but HOW? Because if we are really honest it’s going to take more than good intentions and a few “fuck this” conversations over coffee to implement real change into our day to day lives.

When we designed the #controlfreak diary it was really hard for a lot of people to accept the fact that it was a diary that was quarterly. “Quarterly?? But I need the whole year, I plan much further ahead, I can’t possibly focus on only three months”. And hey, we totally get it. But we decided that there had to be something we could do to help make even a small difference to that blurred way of life.

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We are creating a movement of conscious time management, forcing some self awareness and control over the situation. All of these habits are incorporated into our diary, but they can be applied to the way you run your business or life really easily. Here’s a few examples of how..


Life is a rollercoaster of the ups and downs, good with the bad, wins and losses. It all needs to be acknowledged and then put in the past. Every situation gives us solid learning to build on and that’s what we draw on to make decisions and take action on next time.

Holding onto one specific thing too long will stop you from properly experiencing the next thing to come along. So my advice? Make like Elsa and learn to let it go!


No matter what they say, change is NOT as good as a holiday. Let’s be honest. But it still gives some kickass positive energy to feed off. Time jugglers and business owners always need to know things are moving forward, and allowing ourselves the “indulgence” of a fresh start can be a powerful thing.

Don’t underestimate changing up the things you look at every single day, you would be surprised at the negative associations you can hold onto with even the most “everyday” of things.


A really worrying habit of people who are constantly busy and hustling hard are “carried forward” to do lists. You know the ones, where you look down and you are STILL promising to yourself to paint the study three years later, it’s there haunting you on the to do list every time you rewrite it. The funny thing is you moved out of that house 6 months ago. Awkward.

You need to review (and re-do) your to do lists regularly, and as you transfer the outstanding items over to the new you should ask yourself - if that task didn’t get done last time will it really get done this time around? Why didn’t it get done? If you decide it’s still important then reassess the timeline - when will you realistically be able to get that sh*t sorted?

Don’t weigh yourself down with unnecessary pressure, keep it real and set yourself up with the chance of actually finishing what you set out to get done in a week.


A little secret … you don’t have to give into your whole life being digital. Hey, I am not going to sit here and pretend like I don’t rely on technology every waking minute, or that I miss the days where I had to type up, print and post letters to people and then wait 2 weeks for a reply. Because ain’t nobody got time for that. But there is definitely advantages to sticking with the old pen and paper ways.

I for one remember things a whole lot better when I have physically written it down and have read it back to myself. I also find it a much nicer process to sit and review my week ahead on a Sunday night by flicking the pages of my diary and taking it all in. It’s like a mini-break from the constant vortex of scrolling, swiping, typing, scrolling….blah. I feel like somehow I’ve taken back control of the days ahead of me, and that’s a damn good feeling!

So there you go, four simple habits to introduce (or reintroduce) that can help with the overwhelm of ALL THAT STUFF you need to manage. Don’t continue to get lost in it all, never taking the time to get a handle on it.

Putting that bit of extra time into managing yourself can save you a whole heap of time (and sanity) in the long run. And I’ll take any little piece of both that I can get!

Ivette runs Negative Space Studio, a full service graphic design agency.

Kerrie runs gamefacehq, helping businesses to grow.

Together they run Hey, Control Freak and Guerilla Establishment


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