Tidying up your morning routine, for a better day.

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The way you start your day is almost the most important thing you do in any 24 hour period.
Your morning routine sets the tone for the rest of your day. If you start off in a positive and productive manner, you're bound to feel the effects of that in the rest of your tasks for the day.
Getting out of bed is the hard part, so let's start there.
morning coffee
If the first thing you do is grab your phone, stop it.
Checking your Facebook, Instagram or Email before you've even set foot on the floor besides your bed is a terrible plan. It gives you no time to wake yourself up and mellow out before contemplating work or what's happening in the world. Cut the screen time until a little later in the morning, when your brain has had some time to get its act together.
Stretch those weary limbs.
Whatever way you want to go about it, start moving around and get the blood flowing back to your body. You've been horizontal for hours, start getting the blood flowing through those arms and legs and back to the brain. You'll start to wake up faster and more efficiently if you do. If you can get up with enough time to do a workout, do it! Exercise first thing in the morning is said to increase your focus on following activities, boost your metabolic rate for the day, and leave time later on for other activities. Sacrifice an hour of sleep for an hour of exercise and you'll gain that time back later in the day.
Wake with enough time to get ready at a leisurely pace.
The last thing you want is to snooze your alarm forty times, get up ten minutes before you have to leave and then rush out the door. You'll end up feeling it for the rest of the day, and it'll impact the way you feel about your day. Get up with enough time to take a shower, put some makeup on, decide on an outfit, eat some breakfast and not have to speed to work panicking that you're going to be late. Starting your brain on overdrive is no doubt going to make you react in a panic to what's thrown your way.
Sit down and write a to-do list for your day, prioritising things that need to be done first.
If you have a clear idea of what you need to accomplish that day, in order of priority, you're more likely to succeed. Start by writing a list of all the things you need to do, then sorting into order of importance. Personally, I always find doing one easy task first, just to have the joy of crossing an item off so quickly. It helps with the initial illusion of productivity, and will reflect on your continued work down the list of tasks.
Also, coffee. Always coffee.

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